The Formaldehyde Trip (2017) Naomi Rincón Gallardo. Composition and Production of Music: Federico Schmucler The Formaldehyde Trip is a speculative fiction comprising a cycle of songs and videos dedicated to murdered Mixtec activist Bety Cariño. By deploying Mesoamerican cosmologies and decolonial feminist perspectives, crafty and ornate props and stages, echoes from Mexican B-side Sci-Fi films from the 60s and 70s, sounds and voices from the past lurking into the future, and lyrics addressing women’s struggles against the dispossession of their lands, bodies and cultures, The Formaldehyde Trip imagines Bety Cariño’s journey to the underworld, where she finds women warriors, witches and widows, both-sexed deities and animals preparing her re-birth party. An axolotl in formaldehyde plays a hybrid role between a story-teller, a ghostly artificially isolated native informant and a savage educated guide who agitates fact, fiction and friction.


Enigma Video HD. 4’06’’ (video still) alex(ander) & axo(lotl) Video HD. 4’21’’ Photo: Kathrin Sontag Accumulation! Video HD. 2’08’’ (video still) Bety Video HD. 3’38’’ Photo: Fabiola Torres Alzaga Widows Video HD. 3’02” Photo: Claudia López Terroso Bety (Descent) Video HD. 2’29” Photo: Claudia López Terroso Mud Video HD. 4’19” Photo: Eliana Cetto Left-handed World Video HD 4’03” (video still) Axolotl Healing Capsule Video HD. 4’21’’ Photo: Fabiola Torres-Alzaga

The Formaldehyde Trip (2017)

Naomi Rincón Gallardo

Composition and Production of Music: Federico Schmucler

Lyrics: Naomi Rincón Gallardo


With: (MEXICO) Bárbara Lázara, Liz Misterio, Dayra Fyah, Sure Elizabeth, Betza mee, Claudia López Terroso, Rosario Ordóñez, Lucina Rojas, Luis Enrique García. (SAN FRANCISCO) Olivia Hernández, Denise Benavides, Brown Amy, Alma Herrera-Pazmiño, Iris Janet Díaz, Sophia Mabelitini, Oscar Tidd. (BERLIN & VIENNA)

Marie Strauss, Naomi Rincón Gallardo.


Cinematography: Dalia Huerta (Mexico City and Oaxaca), Ilona Berger (San Francisco), Gabriel Rossell (Berlin), Silvia das Fadas (Vienna)



Dyke Heresies Video HD. 4’53” Photo: Eliana Cetto