heavy blood (2018) Heavy Blood is critical/mythical fabulation conjuring up human and non-human ghosts within the wastelands of a mining extractivist zone in Zacatecas, Mexico. Since the XVI Century, regions in the Global South that are abundant in ore have been cursed by patriarchal racialized processes of colonial plundering. Mutating ghosts mumble and gobble among the toxic ruins within the desertic landscape, while they gauge the extent of their revenge. The non-linear narrative is divided by six parts: Lungs, Prophecy, Hummingbird, The lady of the copper teeth, The Curse of Minerals and Heavy Blood.
bárbara Lázara in: lungs

With: Bárbara Lázara

Sax and drums ensemble: Karina Rivera, Azalia Morales, Rosalba Lira

Naomi Rincón Gallardo


Musical Composition: Federico Schmucler

Cinematography Dalia Huerta

Choreography: Marta Sponzilli

Incidental Sound: Elda Ortiz, Servando López

Dron: David del Hoyo

Still photography: Angélica Canales

Production assistants: Eric Nava, Fernando Salcedo

Masks Production: Jorge Luis Guerrero y Abelardo Piña

Seamstress: Emilia Robles

Heavy Blood was commissioned by the XIII FEMSA Biennial “We have never been contemporary”.




prophecy hummingbird Bárbara Lázara in: the lady with copper teeth bárbara Lázara in: the curse of minerals heavy blood Heavy Blood /excerpts (2018)