Our Speechless friend in the classroom Our Speechless friend in the classroom “Our Speechless friend in the classroom” was a performative intervention an academic setting when I was studying my MA in London in 2010. It was my interest to work with non-explicit and non- spoken tensions saturating the classroom , assumptiones regarding cultural authority in an “international” classroom, where the majority of people were White/european, and the minority used to play the role of the native informants, racialized others, or domestic commodities from multiculturalim. Locating one self in the margins entails a resistance to be assimilated, and also makes explicit the differences between the bodies and positions available in a classroom. Addressing complexities, conflicts and tensions regulated by institutional norms was the departure point. I understood my role as dificultator rather than a facilitator, therefore it was my aim to shift from humor to melodrama, pointing at the irresolute nature of communication, opening up the pardox of social space, making zones of comfort unconfortable.