Pirate (Bookleg) Utopias (2012) Accounts are never comprehensive or neutral. Every research methodology involves aesthetic decisions. Utopias Pirata (Or Bootleg Utopias) is an artful fabrication of a research process about the accounts of six members associated to JAR (Anti-authoritarian revolutionary Youth for its initials in Spanish), an activist punk collective created in 1993 in Mexico City. In order to represent the collected accounts, I decided to turn the volume up until reaching distortion, aiming to make the fictional character of the research explicit. I do not mean that a fiction is false, but that it is just a peculiar, constructed, and never objective, way to represent reality. So, I decided to make a musical video inspired by the interviews with members of the punk collective. The project involved different degrees of participation and collaboration from different individuals and collectivities. Each of them joined the JAR by different interests, affects and expectations, not necessarily reconcilable with one another and even contradictory and conflictive.
Intro + Throwing stones at patrols
Good bye
At the public popular highschool
Patches & Spikes
Made up in white
Slam amazon
bloke negro
Antagonist I + Statement
It was just that the gang got excited
Antagonist II + References
You won’t see us
Contract + Credits pirates + antagonist iii